'Out-of-control' Johnny Depp sued for alleged attack on film set

Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2018

According to Rocky, Johnny was filming a scene, but it wasn't working.

Facing legal action from ex-business managers, ex-lawyers and ex-bodyguards and what could be an embarrassing trial later this summer, Johnny Depp has now been hit with an assault and battery lawsuit from the location manager of the upcoming City of Lies. Brooks says he was able to get the permit extended twice, but that at 11 p.m. the permit official said they would have to wrap it up. Depp plays LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigated the killing.

Brooks said he was sacked from the "City of Lies" production three days later after he refused to sign a release giving up his right to sue Depp over the incident. That conversation was seemingly cut short when the apparently booze on the breath Pirates of the Caribbean star supposedly start screaming obscenities at Brooks and proceeded to strike him "twice in the lower left side of his rib cage and causing pain".

Mr. Furman states that Depp "respects other artists", and while movie sets become stressful and take a lot of work, there simply "isn't one (a story) here", as much as Brooks would like there to be.

Brad Furman, the film's director, had previously said that the situation had been overblown.

The yelling allegedly continues until Depp was escorted away by his bodyguards. "You have no right to tell me what to do!"

Rocky, who claims Johnny smelled of alcohol, is seeking unspecified damages.

Johnny Depp attacked a member of the crew on a movie shoot, telling the crew member he'd give him $100k to punch him in the face. and now the crew member wants his money in the form of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit also claims that the crewmember was sacked when he refused to sign papers saying he wouldn't sue over the incident. IndieWire has reached out to Depp's representative for comment.

Depp has not yet responded to the lawsuit.