The New Orange Is The New Black Trailer Just Dropped

Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2018

OitNB always did a great job of balancing the light and dark sides of its milieu, but we're feeling the sisterhood of GLOW over more Handmaid's Tale-style lady misery. The ladies are back, stronger than ever and they have nothing to lose.

The new season of Orange is the New Black is set to premiere on Netflix on July 27th.

But Aduba's character appears to have a hard time adjusting to her new "home", as well as her new garb - she now wears a pink jumpsuit instead of the series' orange staple. After the events of Season 5, new charges will bring new deals that will test the bonds that have been made over the course of the series. As we've seen in previous seasons, that means there's sure to be a new cast of characters to cause problems. Suzanne declares, "Navigating adult female friendships is so complicated!"

"They want us to go down, regardless of what we did or didn't do", Kate Mulgrew's Red says.

The remainder of the trailer is a flurry of fleeting glimpses into the women's new lives, which include several breakdowns, riots, and fresh threatening faces. The almost 2-and-half-minute trailer is just what Orange is the New Black fans need to wait out the next few weeks. It returns for Season 6 Friday, July 27 on Netflix.

Following the fatal prison riot at the end of season five, the women of Litchfield have been transferred to maximum security, while investigators try to figure out who was to blame.

If you thought things at Litchfield Penitentiary were too comfortable, Orange is the New Black is shaking things up.