Rodolfo Rodriguez: Full Story of 92-Year-Old Assaulted In Texas

Wednesday, 11 Jul, 2018

The victim, Rodolfo Rodriguez, went for a walk around the block after dinner when a woman with a young child confronted him, KTLA reported.

The eyewitness said she called the police and asked the mother why she attacked the man, and was told by the mother that Rodriguez had tried to touch her daughter.

Rodriguez travels to the US yearly from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his family in Willowbrook, grandson Erik Mendoza told CNN, which reported that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was seeking up to five suspects - the woman and three or four men - as of Monday night. "He is doing really bad, has a lot of bruises on his face and a broken cheekbone", the grandson wrote. Video posted on Facebook shows the man on the ground after the attack on the Fourth of July.

"Go back to your country, why are you here, bad things", the witness said the mother told Rodriguez, who is a legal USA resident, according to the station.

"He accidentally tapped the little girl by accident when he was walking", past them, the translator said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told KTLA-TV that they have started an investigation into the incident. "A 92-year-old senior citizen, what can he do to anybody?"

"We are concerned, especially with the type of crime they committed", Deputy D'Angelo Robinson told the Sacramento Bee. "What kind of threat does he pose to you, for you to do this to him?" "There was what appears to be a four-year-old child there who witnessed the entire thing". The man also believed he heard the woman say, "Go back to your country" or "Go back to Mexico".

He was left severely bloodied and unable to walk, with bruised ribs, a broken cheek bone, a battered face and head injuries, his family said.

A witness began recording the incident involving Rodriguez and a woman and four men.

A GoFundMe account set up of for Rodriguez raised more than $30,000 of its $15,000 goal to help the grandfather cover medical costs. Sheriff's Det. Carlos Cueva said no one had been apprehended as of Monday evening. "We can't have these kind of people like that out in the streets".