To-play co-op shooter ‘Warframe’ is coming to Nintendo Switch

Wednesday, 11 Jul, 2018

The port of the game to Switch is being handled by Panic Button, who ported Doom (2016) and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to Switch and were teasing a new project to be unveiled in July. Digital Extremes and Panic Button have been quiet regarding the details of the port, but we can at least expect it to resemble the console variants to a fair degree. The game will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on October 9th. That includes promoting independent games at fan events like PAX, offering free or reduced-cost development hardware to qualifying developers, assisting with localization and production issues, and generally cutting the amount of red tape needed to get a game onto Nintendo hardware, compared to just a few years ago. In response, Senior Executive Officer Susumu Tanaka indicated that Nintendo is planning to ramp up their indie support even further going forward. Moreover, 2K's NBA 2K19 will release on the Switch this year, though understandably, last year's basketball sim was more polished than WWE 2K18.

Would you like to see that number of Switch games appear? Alongside the Switch release, Digital Extremes unveiled a new "Fortuna" expansion that includes new city and a new faction to Waframe's world.

"Our goal is cross-platform play", explains Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair.

Since its release the game has received its fair share of criticism, with Gamespot awarding the game 6/10. This company has a good track record with creating good Switch games that haven't lost their visual luster.