Follow the World Cup semifinal between England and Croatia

Thursday, 12 Jul, 2018

"That I score and we win", he said.

- Why has World Cup been full of surprises? "There are so many... it's a bit insane".

Following their affable coach's example, as well as being the most exciting team England team for some time on the field, they are also the most likeable.

The second number points to a shin pad. Remarkably, they don't smell, he claims. He even lost that piece of old kit for a six month period, and it reportedly coincided with a period of poor performance. Their brains are wired differently.

"We owe them a lot of thanks as well for the way they have supported us".

They have ticks and routines. The story is different now, you can't make comparisons. The first points to Alli's right leg.

Les Bleus are headed to the World Cup final.

Like a fine goal, Alli still remembers it.

"I didn't feel nervous or anything like that". I didn't shout "megs".

That game against Real was soon after he had signed for Spurs from MK Dons for £5million, in January 2015.

"It was a night game, the pitch was awful", he said. It was a frightful game. They were very aggressive and it wasn't a nice day. I helped the side like I always do and won the ball back as much as I could.

"We did what the coach asked of us, we were competitive in every aspect of the match, and we finally scored from a set piece". He stuck it through his legs, obviously, from close range.

On a more lighthearted note, Eric Dier is hoping for another blast of Southgate's "karaoke tunes" after England's World Cup semi-final against Croatia. Perhaps hard to forget, when his England teammate so enjoys reminding him of it.

"I'm excited for my country", said Gobert, who was born in Saint-Quentin, France. "That's why I don't think the performance came down to individuals". He wasn't naughty, he was really nice.

"I took it off for the first game (against Tunisia) - this is a bit of a silly superstition - but the first game here was the first game in ages I haven't had it on, and I got injured, so I'm going to be keeping it on again". He wouldn't give it to me.

However, the bad news for Croatia is that he knows he can improve and he scored a goal.

She added that, "I sat on my own in the lounge watching the game [against Sweden] and when Dele scored, it was unbelievable and I was screaming at the telly, 'Well done Dele, well done". They get noticed a bit more. We have to relax now, recover properly and prepare for the next game, ' Alli said yesterday.

But De Bruyne's best moments came when he combined with Eden Hazard on the opposite side of the pitch to the one he was stationed on, and Belgium missed his ability to pick a pass, with striker Romelu Lukaku mostly deprived of service.

"Whatever the name on the Arc de Triomphe, we just want this World Cup".