Hurricane Chris strengthens on way to Newfoundland

Friday, 13 Jul, 2018

The report is available in Spanish at: Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias.

Chris was upgraded to a hurricane this afternoon, with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour.

NHC cautioned that ocean swells generated by Hurricane Chris are expected to affect portions of the coasts of North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic States during the next few days.

As of Friday morning, the remnants of what was once Hurricane Beryl are losing the chance of tropical development.

Although Hurricane Chris is headed towards Canada, it will still create severe weather for those on the U.S. East Coast. Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 105 miles per hour, and it will likely continue to strengthen through Wednesday morning. As this happens, Chris will encounter cooler waters and weaken. It was located about 275 miles southwest of Cape Race, Newfoundland, and quickly moving northeast at 36 mph. ABC13 meteorologist Collin Myers says the hurricane has a defined eye and is picking up speed as it heads in a northeasterly direction.

What is left of Tropical Storm Chris continues to speed away from the east coast of the USA while we keep an eye on the Caribbean.

The storm was forecasted to dump as much as 6 inches (150 millimeters) of rain over parts of Newfoundland, which could cause flash flooding, it said.

Tropical Storm Chris is predicted to become a hurricane by this afternoon, according to the Bermuda Weather Service.

Chris is expected to be a post-tropical storm by the time it arrives Thursday, slowly weakening as it moves toward the Avalon Peninsula.