Narongsak promises last 5 survivors to be extracted faster tomorrow

Friday, 13 Jul, 2018

Surprisingly they all are in good health and some even asked for chocolate and bread for breakfast, officials said on Tuesday as rescuers began a third and more challenging final mission to free the remaining five kids who are still stuck in the cave.

"The health of the remaining five people inside the cave is still good", Narongsak said.

The parents are able to see their kids through a glass window, but they are not allowed to make physical contact with them because docs are concern about infection.

Acting Chiang Rai Gov. Narongsak Osottanakorn, who is also head of the joint command center, said that 18 divers and a support team of 100 took nine hours in the second phase of rescues at the Tham Luang cave on Monday, as opposed to 11 hours on Sunday. On Tuesday, the final four boys and their coach were guided out of the cave.

Thais have been fixated on the crisis, hoping desperately for the safe return of the 12 boys and their 25-year-old football coach, after they ventured into the Tham Luang cave complex after practice and became trapped by rising waters more than a fortnight ago.

19 divers are involved in the mission to bring the last four boys and their coach to safety.

"The kids are footballers so they have high immune systems", Mr Jedsada said. Jedsada said they were uncertain what type of infections the boys could face "because we have never experienced this kind of issue from a deep cave".

The third and hopefully final rescue mission is now underway.

Elon Musk really wants the world to know he's at the cave rescue operation site in Thailand, and he's there to help.

That sense of accomplishment was also reflected in the message posted Monday night on the Thai Navy Seals' Facebook page announcing the latest rescues. Authorities have said the mission could take up to four days to complete and heavy rain is forecast in the coming days.

In a drama that has received press coverage across the world, two British cave rescue specialists, workign with Thai military teams, found the 13 on a bank in a partly flooded chamber several kilometers inside the complex on Monday, last week.

The tech entrepreneur tweeted Tuesday morning he'd "Just returned from Cave 3", referring to the rescuers' command center inside the sprawling cave.

The eight who have already been rescued are recovering in hospital.

The final push to bring home four boys and their soccer coach by a crew of global and Thai divers began in earnest on Tuesday.

The submarine has been dubbed "Wild Boar, ' named after the young boys" soccer team.