Queen Elizabeth Looks Unimpressed in Photo With Trumps

Saturday, 14 Jul, 2018

When the then United States president Barack Obama dropped in to see the Queen at Windsor Castle in 2016 - the day after her 90th birthday - he and Michelle Obama had lunch with the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh in the castle's private dining room.

For her Scottish arrival, Trump wore pointed-toe camel Manolo Blahnik pumps with matching Michael Kors trousers and a green Burberry jacket, all earth-tone items that blended into the tarmac and only helped her show off the expensive handbag, not hide it. His meeting with Queen Elizabeth comes after Trump was widely condemned by British lawmakers for comments he made in the same interview about May as well as on the topic of mass immigration in Europe. Yes, Queen Elizabeth II was seen checking her watch, waiting for the POTUS and FLOTUS to greet her.

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets during the second day of Trump's visit, during which he had tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

The rest of Donald and Melania Trump's visit with Queen Elizabeth appeared to continue smoothly. The queen wore a bright blue suit, while the first lady was dressed in a cream-colored pencil skirt and matching jacket.

Some 1.86 million people signed a petition at the June 2017 general election, wanting to prevent Trump from making a state visit "because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen".

"He did literally eclipse her, but I don't think that was deliberate". I really look forward to meeting her.

Steve Kingstone, the Queen's Media Secretary, and Sally Osman, the Director of Royal Communications, have recently assisted the Royal Family with the media frenzy surrounding Meghan Markle's absence from her wedding to Prince Harry. You don't see, like, anything embarrassing. "She is just an incredible woman".

His Scottish-born mother, Trump added, was also enamored with the British royalty.

Footage shows the Queen having to resort to instructing Trump on where to walk and which way because he was clearly getting it all very wrong. HRH has met with every sitting president since ascending to the throne in 1952, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson. In 1982 President Reagan and Mrs Reagan visited the Castle.