Sprint unlimited plans either worse or more expensive

Saturday, 14 Jul, 2018

Unlimited Basic will offer users unlimited talk, text and data, but there are speed limits on several data-intensive uses.

In other words, Sprint is raising the price of its current unlimited plan by $10, throwing in a few more features, and hoping you won't notice. Global roaming for text and data is free for 185 destinations - travelers to Canada and Mexico will get unlimited talk, text and data with up to 5GB of LTE speeds. You get subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal for your troubles as well, which helps sweeten the pot a little. As you might have expected, they are similar to Unlimited Freedom, only with a few tweaks here and there, plus all of the throttling and non-unlimited unlimitedness you would expect from a U.S. carrier. The carriers have been increasingly stretching the definition of an unlimited data plan - once a single, simple all-you-can-eat option - into something with a myriad of different adds-ons from hot spot capability to freebies like Hulu or AT&T Watch.

A single line of Unlimited Basic costs $60 a month, the same as Sprint's previous unlimited plan. If you get five lines, it's $42 per month, per line.

There's also a freaky limited-time promo on Unlimited Plus, with prices working out to $22 per month per line for five lines provided you're not leasing a phone through Sprint. The first is a $60 Unlimited Basic plan, which costs the same as Unlimited Freedom, but reduces hotspot capabilities to 500 megabytes and reduces video streams to standard definition. However, if you bring in your own devices, you can get the per-line cost down to just $22 per month.

Sprint says families will be able to mix and match its new unlimited plans, opting for either Basic or Plus on different lines.

If you have no use for Tidal and HD streaming, and if you don't frequently use your phone as a mobile hotspot, Sprint's new and cheaper Unlimited Basic offering might be the better choice. The latest carrier to muddy the unlimited data waters is Sprint. That's also true when roaming in Canada and Mexico. The new plans will be available starting tomorrow, July 13.

Sprint and Verizon are both trying to market these changes as a way to give their customers more choice over what they want in their plan, and while that's fine, continuing to call them "unlimited" is a flat-out lie at this point. "We're offering unbeatable value on our award-winning network".